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  1. Recently, my family and I made the decision to relocate our father from Fort Worth, Texas to the Austin area were the majority of us live. With our respective families, jobs and busy schedules, it was very difficult for us to commit round the clock care and attention that our father needed. Then, we were posed with yet another difficulty, deciding which home health agency to care for our dad. That was when a family friend who had been through our dilemma came in. The individual introduced us to New Era HomeCare Solutions, Inc. Needless to say, getting to know the agency and its staff members has been a great blessing. As the primary legal guardian for our father, I feel very pleased for the great service and attention the agency and its staff have been providing to our father. They have been very accommodating to the needs of our father and entire family members. They work with us, our father and his primary care doctor to ensure his medical, treatment, social and psychological needs are met. Knowing that the people from New Era HomeCare Solutions, Inc. are there with our father provides us with the peace of mind to focus on our respective daily routines. During the past 1yr and 8mths that we have been associated with the agency, we have never had to second guess the services, care, and attention that our dad is receiving. We are so happy we did not have to make the difficult decision and choice of placing our father in a nursing home. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I, on behalf of our entire family recommend New Era HomeCare Solutions, Inc. to anyone who is considering home care for their loved ones.

    Patricia Jennings

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